Peanut Feeders

How to Attract More Birds with Peanuts

Providing shelled peanuts is a great addition to the choices you offer your backyard birds. Peanuts are a high-energy food and are enjoyed by a wide variety of birds such as woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, jays and more. Many of their visits will be to carry peanuts off and cache them for a later meal.

WBU Peanut Feeder (shown here with the WBU Weather Dome)

WBU Peanut Feeder w/ Weather Dome

You can attract those peanut-loving birds with our Small Mesh Peanut Feeder. Our Small Mesh Peanut Feeder is designed to hold peanut pieces or you can fill it with Bark Butter® Bits. This easy-to-fill and easy-to-hang bird feeder is a breeze to use. Our lifetime guarantee on the feeder also covers squirrel and raccoon damage. (Bird food not included.)

WBU Peanut Feeder






WBU Peanut Hut

Peanut Hut

Our Peanut Hut is the ideal way to offer peanuts in the shell. The large mesh openings are designed to allow the peanuts to be removed easily by peanut-loving birds, including woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees and jays. The Peanut Hut is easy to fill, and its tray accommodates perching birds and helps keep empty shells from falling to the ground.

WBU Peanut Hut



Squirrel Buster® Plus Peanut (Squirrel-proof) Feeder

Peanut Buster Plus

This feeder allows you to serve peanut pick-outs or Bark Butter® Bits without feeding the squirrels.  The weighted desing of this feeder shuts off the feeding area when something heavy (squirrels) try to eat from it.

Squirrel Buster® Plus Peanut Feeder