Onalaska, Wisconsin

Tray Feeders


Hanging Tray (wooden)

This inexpensive hanging tray feeder is a great place to start.  Attract a large variety of birds from the small House Finch to the larger Mourning Dove.  You can serve anything from Black Oil Sunflower to our Wildlife Blend in this feeder. 


Wooden Hanging Tray Feeder


Hanging Tray

EcoTough Hanging Tray

If you like the wooden hanging tray feeder you are going to LOVE the EcoTough hanging tray!  A sturdier version, this great feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Pair it with one of our generic weather guards and the birds will visit all year round.  Serve anything from fruit to No-Mess Garden Mix and watch the different species!


EcoTough Hanging Tray Feeder

$28.99 (in-store price)
Recycled Hanging Tray

EcoTough Fly-Thru

This tray feeder comes with a sturdy weather roof over the top.  Cardinals and Mourning Doves love these fly-thru feeders!  Mount on your APS pole system or a post and serve a few scoops of your favorite WBU Seed Blend.  The removeable trays make it a breeze to clean and with a lifetime guarantee you can't go wrong!


EcoTough Fly-thru



EcoTough Fly-Thru

EcoTough Catch-A-Seed Tray

These catch-a-seed trays are awesome!  They can mount to your pole system in just a few minutes, we'll even attach the catch-a-seed flange for you at the store so you'll be ready to attach and feed in minutes!  The EcoTough Catch-a-Seed features removeable trays for easy cleaning so you do not have to remove your whole feeder to clean out any seed casings.  Just take an empty bucket to the feeder with you, dump the old seed casings into the bucket, and put a few scoops of your favorite WBU Seed Blend.  The larger birds will tend to eat from the larger tray feeder and the smaller birds from the WBU Hopper feeder (shown in picture).


EcoTough Catch-A-Seed Tray 

starting at $72.99 (in-store price)


also available in cedar

starting at $52.99

No-Mess Feeder Setup