Onalaska, Wisconsin

WBU Hopper Feeders


WBU Classic Two

This feeder is great for either large or small birds.  It comes with a hanger already attached so it is ready for you to fill with seed and enjoy the show.  The patented design of this feeder allows you to view both sides of the feeder so you can see exactly which species are visiting your feeder.


EcoTough Classic Two

$48.99 (in-store price)

WBU Eco Tough

WBU Classic


A larger version of our Classic Two, the Classic will hold more seed and offers a longer feeding perch so more birds can eat at once.  The patented design of the feeder has notches cut in the sides of the perch, this allows the wind to blow out the seed casings keeping the feeding area cleaner.  This feeder can be pole mounted (as shown) or we'd be happy to attach a hanger so you can hang it!  Either way the birds will love it!


EcoTough Classic

$79.99 (in-store price)

WBU EcoTough

WBU Ranchette


This awesome feeder gives you the best of both worlds.  The feeding area is large enough for larger species while still accomodating the smaller birds too.  The two (2) Suet cages allow you to feed some of the same birds, but will also attract EVEN MORE!  The patented design of this feeder features a removable tray, so its even easier to clean!


EcoTough Ranchette

$148.99 (in-store price)

WBU EcoTough