Onalaska, Wisconsin


Advanced Pole System

Here's How it works--Its as easy as 1-2-3!

APS is as easy as 1-2-3

 APS EZ Attach

Ez Attach: goes on in a SNAP!

 APS Snap Button Lock System

Push button locks poles in place!

The Basic Set-up


Our Basic Set-up comes in a convienient box.  Get your base pole, stabilizer, 4ft extension, double hooks and finial ready to go, and we'll even carry it out to your car for you! 

APS Basic Set-up

$73.99 (in-store price)

Basic Set-up APS

Squirrel Baffle


One of our most popular APS add-on pieces is the squirrel baffle.  Attach this to our Basic set-up and you'll have endless birds without feeding the squirrels.

APS squirrel baffle

$31.99 (in-store price)

APS set-up with squirrel baffle

APS Accessories


Add anything from a flange to mount your hoppertube or WBU hummingbird feeder, to another hook, or a decorative branch.  The possibilities are ENDLESS! 

APS Flanges

from $9.99

APS Extra Hooks

from $11.99 (in-store price)

APS set-up w/ hopper flange

Raccoon Baffle


That's right!!  Thought you had to take your feeders down every night?  Well you don't!  Just add the APS raccoon baffle to your set-up and, if placed correctly, not only will you outsmart those pesky raccoons, you'll beat the squirrels as well! 

APS Raccoon Baffle

$41.99 (in-store price)

APS raccoon baffle

Catch-a-seed Flange


Don't just mount your hopper feeder on your pole, add the catch-a-seed tray underneath and catch the mess.  Not only will the catch-a-seed tray catch the seeds and shells, but it provides another platform for more birds.  Remember different species prefer different feeder styles and feeding levels.  Think of all the new feathered friends you could attract with this!

APS Catch-a-Seed Flange

$8.99 (in-store price)

APS Catch-a-seed Flange

APS Decorative Branches


With the Advanced Pole System you have the ability to add decorative branches.  These branches provide a more eye pleasing way to hang your feeders.  You can also use them in combintaion with the APS hooks to provide a perch for your birds.  The birds actually LOVE the "waiting room" while taking turns enjoying your WBU seed blend.

APS Decorative Branches

from $13.49 (in-store price)

APS decorative branches

APS Side Dish w/ Optional Roof

No matter if you want to  serve mealworms or suet snacks, the APS Side Dish feeder is the one for you!  Designed with the EZ attach, the side dish feeder goes on in a snap.  Attach anywhere to your APS pole system and fill with food of your choice.  When used in combination with the optional Weather Roof the side dish feeder can go from spring-winter no matter what the weather!


APS Side Dish Feeder

$13.99 (in-store price)


APS Weather Roof

$6.99 (in-store price)

Side Dish and optional Side Dish Roof

APS Extension Poles

Are you having trouble seeing your feeder setup from inside your home?  Maybe all you need is an APS extension pole.  Ranging in size from 12" to 4' we are sure to have an APS extension pole thats the right size for your needs,


APS Extension Poles

starting at $6.99

APS Extension Poles



EZ-Attach Single Arm

This extra arm goes on in a snap!  Add this decorative arm to any existing pole system.  These gorgeous additions are brush coated steel just like the rest of our Advanced Pole System.


EZ-Attach Single Arm


Decorative APS

Decorative Double Arm

This beautiful double hook will snap on to the top of any exsting Advanced Pole System.  Add some flare to your pole system today!


Decorative Double Arm


Decorative APS