Onalaska, Wisconsin

Nature Happenings

• June is Perennial Garden Month & National Rivers Month
• Bird migration is finished. Birds that are here now are summer residents that nest.
• As the month progresses, feeders can become busy with visiting parents and fledglings.
• House Wrens are nesting.
• Canada Goose molting period begins in mid-June; they cannot fly during this time.
• Raccoon young are born.
• Titmice and chickadees will start a second nesting.
• Water perennial gardens for longer time and less often to force roots to grow down.
• White-tailed Deer fawns continue to be born this month.
• Bats are active at night seeking insects.
• Add suet dough to your feeding station during the hot summer.
• Keep your feeders and bird baths clean and your seed fresh.